Kit Drying Cabinet

After spending ages looking for one of these I finally bought one and was planning on using it in the garage for my bike kit in the winter. It was a great idea but I’ve moved house and the new place has a garage with no power to it and it’s not likely to be getting powered up any time soon!

The cabinet is ideal for drying wet kit, our motorbike and cycle paramedics at work use these throughout the winter. They generally dry all of your kit within a couple of hours and as an added bonus, they don’t shrink it :laughing:

The spec for the cabinet is here:

Photo’s here:

Looking for £75 for it. It’ll need to be collected from the Camberley area.

That’s a bargain! I’ve got one at home and worth every penny come the wet season

i’m keen on this. Would it fit in the back of an A-Class mercedes? I could collect tomorrow afternoon (5pm’ish)

yes it should you will have to fold the back seats down

PM Sent.

I’d measure it up first to be sure.
I’ve got an Octavia estate and it was a tight fit with the seats down!

I fitted a fridge freezer in the back of my A class
They are both the same size roughly 600x600x1500m
And if it doesnt fit I’ll eat my hat and offer the service
Of me and my E class estate

Was this sold?

No, it’s still available.

Ok great, off to measure my Astra estate

This is now sold :slightly_smiling_face:

Road testing on Wednesday! Cheers rusty

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