"King's Speech"...

Just returned home from seeing the above film at a packed cinema in Wandsworth. The first film I’ve seen where the audience applauded at the end! Well deserved, I should add.

I expect it to get a few Oscars, at very least for Colin Firth’s incredible performance.

I totally recommend this film.

Saw it on Friday, and got to say one of the best films that I have seen in a long, long time. Highly recommended. And if Colin doesn’t get a nonination I’d be shocked.

I gggggggogggooggogogogoogogogoggggggotta go and see it then :w00t:

what’s wrong with lip syncing? :smiley:

Fab film, very well done, and had lots of humour in it too. Colin Firth was brilliant. :smiley:

The Mrs saw it on Thursday and loved it.


The original King’s Speech:

I gotta go see this movie now :slight_smile:

I saw the trailer today and am impressed so far:D


For the full effect, listen to the speech Kevsta has kindly posted above, at the same time listening to this…


Its a fantastic film isnt it!!!

Really not my ort of film but i really enjoyed it!
Saw 127 Hrs last night as well. That is also pretty good. Better then i expected.
I thought 127 would be like PhoneBooth - a man stuck in a Phone booth/Crevice for 2 hrs.

But… 127 wasnt just that.

I saw this in the Peckham Multiplex last Thursday night with a friend. Apart from being stuck in Peckham trying to get buses back to Streatham in the middle of the night - it was well worth seeing.

Some ‘poetic license’ in terms of storyline and I am sure that King Edward and Wallis were not quite so unpleasant in reality, but excellent performances all round - especially Colin Firth - who deserves all the ‘best actor’ accolades.

Well worth seeing - but doesn’t beat some of my favourite ‘all time’ films such as Shooting Dogs (John Hurt / Rwanda) and Constant Gardner (Ralph Fiennes / Rachel Weisz) and even the wonderful Colin did not quite match up to Omar Sharif in Dr Zhivago …

But you won’t be disapponted:)

If ruthless goldiggers and nazi sympathisers are your cup of tea I guess they were quite pleasant after all . . . ;):smiley: