King of the Motorcycle Icon

Note that according to the Evening Standard Steve McQueen has been voted King of the Motorcycle Icons bt Yahoo! Cars. Any differing views?

well, i think i am…


why ask a bunch of cagers who motorbike icon is??

They only ever seen the great escape

What about some of the best exponents of motorcycling as a sport???

G Agostini, John Surtees, Joey Dunlop, Bazza Sheene, Phil Read etc etc etc

oh, maybe the cagers would have chosen Goerge Formby as their 2nd choice, as he’s been in a film on a bike…MOTHER!

I’d agree with ‘the cagers’. McQueen it is. He was a hell of a racer himself.

I think I would go with Surtees or Sheene.

Yeah, but… how many people would be able to pick out Agostini or Surtees or Dunlop or Read from a lineup? Maybe in this country people could pick out Barry Sheene, sure. Same thing goes in Australia, most people could pick out Mick Doohan.

I think the key term here is “icon.” To be an icon, I think, you need mass appeal and that includes “cagers,” people outside the motorcycling fraternity. Therefore you have people like Steve McQueen, James Dean, Marlon Brando all having memorable motorcycle poses or movies.

Of all these, I think McQueen is a pretty good choice. He not only rode bike, he also raced them (and cars of course!)

Your point is well made, but I wanted to rant!!

I’m still right!

Marlon Brando

Peter Fonda

Dennis Hopper

Steve McQueen

But the real ICON would have to be the great Jessie MAch

who wants to rant??? anyone who can ride a bike at silly speeds are my heros!!!

i know its sad but vanilla ice can kick around a bike as well.

Steve McQueen

Marlon Brando

Clint Eastwood

all famous for riding,


What taste…