Kindness of strangers

Why the **** would anyone do that? Although, a camera just happening to be trained on a wheelie bin may be fake. If I’m wrong, I’d like to see her stuffed in a wheelie bin and the cat given access to the contents of her fridge for life.

I hate cats, but that is wrong! lol

It’s not a fake, it was in the news a couple of days ago…

She needs a slap at least. Maybe a night in a wheelie bin.

sometimes i wonder if people should be put down…

I can’t decide what’s stranger, a random person putting a cat in a wheelie bin for no apparent reason or somebody having CCTV set up on their wheelie bin :ermm:

The gate’s next to it! :wink:

haha! who says we’re a nation of animal lovers?

I like the way she is all before she does it, kind of like a bike thief I suppose.

Call me cynical but I think the human race is fundamentally evil! :wink:

do you think the council fined them for putting non-recyclable waste into their green bin?

Personally I have no time for cats but she really ought to have a green bin shoved in her pussy…err hang on I may have got that arse about face, no matter eh?


AFAIK, cats are fully recyclable (except for their gold fillings).

I’m lost for words… she should be put down:w00t:

That is one nasty evil women.

The police and the RSPCA will have the book thrown at her.

Is what is on the tape a crime?

definitely, under the Protection of Animals Act. what she did was cruel, and certainly criminal.

How evil is that!!!:crazy: like to see her stuck in a wheelie bin for 15 hours in sweltering heat wiv no water!!!
Hope the RSPCA make an example out of the cruel cow.:angry:

yeah but i don’t think they are prosecuting, I think the BBC said that the police were planning on “talking” to her, I read the report this morning, may not remember that exactly.

i wonder what impact a ‘talking to’ would have on someone who is willing to do that. i personally can’t stand cruelty too animals, hopefully any talking will be on tape and after caution!