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Kids helmet recommendations

Need some advice in what I should get for my 11yo

One that fits correctly and be prepared to replace it often, 11 year olds can grew out of helmets on an annual basis.

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For what kind of riding? Going on the back with you, or riding themselves, something like midi-moto/mx?

You have to tell me at some point how you got her mother to agree to this… Blackmail? Bribery? Use daughter’s pester power?

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We don’t have any fuel in the car and they have after-school activities

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Googles how to empty Kia petrol tank

Back to the topic - I don’t see why you would follow anything different to how you would approach it for an adult.

One that fits properly, and spend as much as you’re comfortable with… Or is it a case that few manufacturers do them?

We bought our daughter’s first helmet, aged seven, from Infinity, they were doing kid’s helmets then but when we came to replace it a couple of years later, they had stopped stocking them entirely.

We searched in vain in London and online and eventually bought her current LS2 Savanne in France where they had a great choice of fit and budget.

The struggle is to find a manufacturer who produces a scaled down shell, not just an adult shell stuffed with more padding because the weight will be very high and the size more likely to cause rotational injuries.

I see there seems to be a bigger choice in motocross helmets, maybe look there.

They’re also cooler looking :slight_smile:

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When my kids were that age, Caberg had good lids that fitted them well. They also came with a bunch of stickers they can have fun decorating it with too. Once they hit 13-14 ish, I found an adult xxs or xs fitted well.

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The first one we had was a Caberg Junior (with stickers).

Very good point!! Thanks

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