Kickstart starting problem

I haven’t ridden my Honda XLR250 for a month or so, but got it out of the garage to start it tonight and the bstard doesn’t want to know I’ve now got an aching leg from jumping up and down on the bstard! I can’t see I’m doing anything obvious wrong or stupid. There’s fuel in the tank, and I’ve even put it on reserve, just in case. The lights come on when I’m kicking it, and it spluttered a couple of times but didn’t catch. Now, as far as I’m aware these don’t have batteries (I certainly can’t find one) so I’m at a bit of a loss what to try next.

Is jump starting an option (never tried it on a bike ). Can’t see that being anymore effective than me jumping up and down on the kickstart though.

Any ideas welcome…


Can you turn the lights off? You need all the juice you can get on smaller bikes. I’d also check the spark-plug, trying a trick of warming it up under a stove flame, well that’s what I was told to do, and did do when I owned a kick-only DR 350 during last winter. It worked once.

It’ll have a battery for sure, try to locate it put some jump leads on it and you should be fine. If it still doesn’t go check your plugs.

plug could well be fouled up,clean it with wire brush and check gap,then as Jay says heat the plug up on the stove flame or if you don`t have a flame stick it in the oven.Bump starting is normally more effective than kick starting if the bike is hard to start but there is a knack to it so stick to the kick start.If you want to try and bump start, a nice hill can make life easy,just stick your bike in 2nd or 3rd gear and coast down,drop the clutch and hey presto,hopefully.

Definately check the plug. Sounds like it may have had too much fuel thus eliminating the spark. Take the plug out and let the petrol evaporate from the cyclinder. Also try and check that you do have a spark, reconnect the plug to the HT lead and hold it against a large lump of metal by use of something insulated. Get someone to kick the bike over and see if there is definately a spark. If so, put back together and try starting again. Try not to flood it with too much juice.

I get the impression that it’s your winter bike, therefore it’s been sat for the last 7 months. Is the fuel fresh? carb could be full of sh!t. Only an idea. If the plug is wet with fuel, leave the carb till last.

PS Where’s the fella that’s doing the maintenance classes, bit of home work for you