Kicking me out!

Still no change !

I have problems but i would of done it seperate but the problem is i cant post a new thread anywhere is there a limit? or have i been banned postin a thread cause the rubbish?

No, Trix; nobody seems to be able to make new threads, and even replying to existing ones and posting PMs seems almost impossible, in that either one is returned to the main forum page or signed out.

oh ok cool thanks Paivi, i can reply to posts but not start a new thread i thougght ive been kicked out lol

What the hell’s going on?

I’m on the case guys and girls, but it’s a troublesome bugger… sorry…

Instead of gerbils and umpa-lumpas, perhaps it’s the beavers that done it…

Okay, made another change, please let me know if the problem persists, though I’m going to bed in a minute, very tired after Brands Hatch trackday!

All still the same this end but I seem to be able to post a reply to existing threads and the odd pm !!!

I discovered that if you go into the forum that you want to post a new topic in … open any thread and then hit the ‘ADD TOPIC’ button it will then let you start a new one on that forum.

The normal way wasn’t working for me at all, tried this and I managed ok yesterday.

I dont see an add topic button Trojan…when I do what you say I only see add reply or quote !

test !

Cracked it !!! the far right of a forum page in a drop down menu from topic options…click that and you see add topic…and away you go with a new topic page !!!..

The two buttons at the very bottom right of this page … “Add Topic” or “Add Reply”, are they not there for you ?

If not then I’m all confused !

it works…Ive added new topic in this forum…take a look.