Kicking me out!

Why every time I try to reply to a post or amend a post does it kick me out? I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to sign in here today, its not only replying to a post, it also happens when I open a new thread.

Cleared cookies and cache, its not happening on any of the other sites I go to… I’m beginning to get this feeling of not being wanted

Yeah, it’s doing it here. That’s weird as hell. I’ll look into it mate.

Hey Jay. Seems to be when you go to quote a previous post. It will either take you to the forum main page or the new post form. If you try it again it works.

Works for a bit and then fails again…

i get that too

There’s something odd going on, I blame the gerbils. They will be reprimanded accordingly soon…

Same here, its damn annoying as theres lots been going on while I have been away at the weekend. Hurry up and get the gerbils sorted Jay.


Am getting a simillar problem when I try and post new topic in helpd and advise section.

Given all this will you be wide eyed and wired wednesday at Cubana ?

No its still doing it

Ditto, trying to reply to posts and it takes me back to main forum.

It’s eluded me last night, and I’m preparing for the first LB trackday today, so won’t get to look at it until late tonight I’m affraid! I understand how frustrating this is, but please persevere with us, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

I now suspect the umpa-lumpa’s, we had them in for some river-routing recently and I think one of them may have got stuck in the pipework.

Had my fair share of issues with Umpa Lumpa’s… although opinion on the “Umpa’s” appears divided…

I’ve identified the problem, but unfortunately I can’t look at it until later! Please bear with me, I know how frustrating it is.

I’ve made some changes, please let me know if it continues guys n girls.

Can’t add topic. Hmmm, male conspiracy, as was going post regarding the June Ladies’ ride-out.

had this problem about an hour ago! kept signing me out but i clicked the little “remember me” boxy thing and the problem upped and left like a fart in the wind!

Can’t post on some of the forums … every time I try it kicks me to the main forum index !!!

I cant do a thing…and this bell thing keeps sounding as I type in the posts too !!!

I cant add a topic either at the mo


Me too. what’s worse is there is no attach facility on email screen. so how do I attach fotos?
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Ok I am getting the same thing. So guesing something very wrong. Plus last night I kept getting logged out. Will try and add post later