Keyless Gas Caps

Hey all,

Another newbie (and possibly stupid) question.

Was looking at the Vortex V3 Gas Caps which I really like the looks of.

However, I was thinking, what stops any passerby actually opening and stealing the cap?

Is there any security in keyless gas caps?

Unless am missing something really obvious!

Never seen anything about security on the KTM. Yes anyone can come and nick it but given that I’ve got the stock one it doesn’t look special.

I`m lost in the vortex of keyless gas taps.

Please elucidate.

It would probably take me half a day just to figure out how to open it :smiley:

Ooh that’s nice and looks like it’s modelled on my bike :cool:

Like it.

If you look hard enough, it looks like a mutant turtle :Whistling:

What would stop some joker from taking a piss in the tank?

you’re setting yourself up for a sabotaged bike or empty tank.

He does have a point. Where do you park it at night?

Mate what are you talking about? What an idiotic comment…

I am talking about being left without a gas cap here!

not an idiotic comment at all. it’s quite likely.

Still has nothing to do with the question…

"However, I was thinking, what stops any passerby actually opening and stealing the cap? "

Nothing. It’s keyless.

"Is there any security in keyless gas caps? "

No. It’s keyless.

“Unless am missing something really obvious!”

Some joker might take a piss in your tank.

And here’s the translation of me_groovy’s post ^^^


My problem is that with the stock one, if it’s raining and then it’s cold the whole thing might get frozen.

I can’t get the key in, or the mechanism get’s stuck because of filth, etc.

I have bended a key in the past just to open the bloody cap to get some petrol in…

That’s why I was considering a keyless, but it seems not to be secure at all!

I have to leave my bike out in all weathers down the side of my house & I live out in the back of beyond it can get cold at night

so I spray GT85 oil down the petrol cap lock in the winter as it wont freeze & never had any problems

You could drill the face of the cap and lock wire it to the body of the filler cap then sleeve the wire with 5mm silicon tube… or take the cap with you and stuff a rag in the tank, do see anyone wanting to do anything to the bike then :smiley:

Perfect, thanks Wise!

You can add a few things to prevent frost… I remember seeing those posted, like graphite spray or perhaps ACF 50?

The old trick is to heat the key with a lighter but I wouldn’t advise that for the fuel tank! :smiley:

Its not your bike mate, you can tell because there is not a dent in the tank where some twat dropped a tool in his garage on it.m:D:w00t::wink: