My son decided to spill a melted Macflurry all over the laptop and it started sizzling then stopped working…Kev fixed it
I stupidly downloaded limewire on the main house computer and got infections and viruses galore…Kev fixed it
So you need a pc fixed Kevstas your man…so grateful Kev you are brilliant thank you :smiley:

i’m getting here first …

standing in the queue to get slapped very hard by the seamstress .:stuck_out_tongue:

ewwwww… :sick:

Oh very funny ha ha and yes tim you are headed for a large slap!!!:smiley:

That’s incredible !! !! Can Kevsta restore lost hard drives and fix a computer which totally crashes because it’s got too many files on it? Can Kevsta be nicer and charge less than the men on Orange Broadband No Help Whatsover Line? Is Kevsta Magic ? Can he get rid of computer viruses ? If I had known we had an IT wizard on this site, it would have saved all those treks up the road to the man in the second hand computer shop in Streatham Hill.

And me don’t forget me! I can help get ride of the viruese kev gave you

Oh yes i reccomend Carl as well he originally built the laptop that my son blew up lol;)

I can also get baby oil off of laptops as well (don’t ask)

I tell’ya what! What a top banana Kevsta is. " lappies back all shipshape and bristol fashion!:cool:

Thankq again Mista Kevsta!:wink: