Kevsta is a Spelunking

was going through the bbc website found a 50 favourtie word thing and came across this…

15. Spelunking- the hobby or practice of exploring caves. The word just sounds good, I love it!

So Kev you are a total spelunking

Does inclued lady caves.:wink:

maybe that would mean there are alot more spelunkings on here than I originally thought.

I must be one then.:smiley:

:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: ooer!!!

I think you’ll find “spelunking” is the verb. It’s a bit like saying “Kevsta is a biking”. The noun is “spelunker”.

So - Kevsta, apparently you are a total spelunker.

I could have been one at one point, I joined the university spelunking club back in '89 during freshman’s week but they never organised any trips, so I went parachuting instead!

I blame my english teacher for refusing to teach me english for this mistake!!

Despite having a little bit of an MS Exchange issue on my hands this has brighten my day considerably.

Also been known to go muff diving… :smiley:

Hehe to quote from South Park the movie:

You Ass Spelunker!


An anagram of Spelunking is “Single Punk”:smiley: