Kevlar jeans...

Sorry if this is one of those hoary old chestnuts that keeps coming up (I’m kinda new here) but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some kevlar jeans. I’m commuting in normal jeans (tooooooooo hot for my Spidi waterproof armoured trews) which I know is stupid and one of my best mates had an unscheduled (and unprovoked) off today - he’s a bit battered but ok - and he was wearing lesser-known-brand jeans which did ok but are now wrecked. This has pushed me towards getting some for myself.

The question is: Is Draggin really the be-all and end-all, or are other manufacturers like Furygan, Richa, and Held worth a look too? Any ones I should look at or avoid?


i got some of them sartzo jeans, seem ok but good thing is hein gericke are selling everything off cheap so worth going get a pr

Have a look at Hood. Not the most stylish but offer a full lining of kevlar (well not the kevlar brand but aramide, same thing) from waist down to below the knee… This is unlike most other brands. Plus you can get them with Knox knee and bum protectors for about £120.

Only other problem is you can only buy them on here so you’d have to measure yourself but I found them very good are accepting returns and sending stuff back out after. I bought the bigger size than I needed and was too big…

As Serrisan, I’ve got Hood (which are UK) and Draggin’. I like the Draggin’ denim, but the Hoods which are Black are quite smart if you need to arrive somewhere, well a bit smarter. As above, the Draggin’ don’t have knee pad pockets but I think the Hoods either have a pocket or velcro ready for pads if you want them.

Red Route or Sartso

heard good things about hood jeans too, anything with knee armour, with otu it is pointless!

knee armour sticks to the inside of Draggin jeans with velcro.

You can also get knee armour is a small elasticated ‘sock’ that goes on seperately. I think that would be a ggod system as it would stay in place, the armour in my jeans tends to move around a bit because the jeans are quite baggy.

I bought some Hood H2 a few weeks back. Seem pretty good and do look smart, almost like suit trousers.

I use draggin jeans with forcefield knee armour sleeves underneath

Can you replace/remove the armour in the socks?

Not in those ones, no.

Others may be available that you can but I haven’t seen any in the shops.

You can with the forcefields

I’ve got draggin’ Next Gen (I think) and they are comfy (bit stretchy) and look pretty normal. They have knee pockets in which I’ve stuck some HG sports comfort armour. It’s super soft so stays in place and doesn’t look weird when off the bike.

They are still b*stard hot though as the kevlar liner is like a wooly blanket.

Knox make these in various designs, very very good, Alpinestars also do them as do Dainese, and forcefeild, all are very good.

keep meaning to get some as i’m always worried that the knee armour can swivel to one side in an off.

Kevlar jeans are for in town only for me, or slower rides, going bonkers in kevlar jeans…**** that, thats what leathers are made for;)

I have some Dragging next gen also , got rid of the standard armour for some custom force field stuff that hideout leathers make to go in em.

Fit really well and not as hot on the knee’s or hips as the standard knox stuff.

Ive got hood jeans, the only ones that i could find that has abrasion resistance covering all the legs.

british too

I’ve got RST kevlar jeans, look good, hip and knee protection (forcefields), kevlar round arse, thighs and on knees. Would have liked the full kevlar leg to be honest, but they’re a good fit and can wear 'em anywhere.

kevlar jeans are ok but really can’t beat leathers.

I have some route one kevlar jeans, the knee armour goes in with velcro. I also bought optional hip armour and that fits in as well.

Haven’t come off yet (touch wood!) with them on, so can’t say how they cope, but they are pretty substantial, comfortable, and cost me £99 from infinity in Clapham.