keep your eyes peeled

my black and orange KTM 950 supermoto has been nicked last night - i’ve only ever seen 1 on the roads of london in over 6 months of daily riding so they are not that common (especially at this time of the year)

if anyone sees one on the streets (you’ll hear it first) please go have a closer look / chat to the owner for me!

it’s an 06 KTM 950sm in black and orange (MX06CUV) taken from greenwich south street last night at 8.10pm

probably went in a van rather that wheeled away (given alarm and locks).

a few changes made since the photo that should make it more recognisable:

950 duke front mudguard with fender extender (so has the standard hiogh
level motox style orange mudguard but below it a black wheel huggung
type as well).

rear pyramid hugger extender (but no chain guard)

rear tail tidy with aftermarket led light

pair wings metal cans with carbon tips

ergo gel seat

shock sock

various bit of orange bling (master cylinder cover and frame holes plugged)

black side stand extension foot plate

rear kappa top box

non standard wing mirrors

orange mesh radator cover

SAS blanked

please keep your eyes peeled across south london and kent and if you see
a black and orange ktm go take a look / have a chat with the rider (ask
him what bike the front muguards is off or where he got the rad guard

i can post engine numbers here unless anyone knows that to be a bad idea?

i will go and ride the area today and see what i can see (quite tempted
to set up a trap with my other bike in the same place to see if they come
back and pinch that one too and sit there with a baseball bat)

thanks very much!

if i find any better images will post (phone and laptop in the top box so struggling to find images)

ta Jim



Sorry to hear this Jim.

I’m keen to see bait bikes.

So sorry mate! Hope you find it soon. Have you looked around the nearest streets, maybe they’ve dumped it not too far from you?

I’m going out for an aimless ride, will pop down to Greenwich, see if I notice anything.

Edit: Stolen section is probably a better place for this thread.

Edit 2: Never mind, nivag already posted it there.

Argh, sorry to hear it dude. Lovely bike too :frowning: Hope it comes back.

Feel your pain mate. Do you want it back? When my blade went in November I dont think I wouldve took it back had it been recovered.

do any london bikers know of any likely places / areas to have a scan round in south london? i guess any of the estates of lewisham or greenwich are worth a look (i’ll take my almax with me so at least the bike i will be on will be safe)

i’ll take the bike back for sure (especially if they’ve failed to start it  / only took it for the contents of the top box) we’ll see…

insurance and polce all informed - now its a waiting game

cheers for the help keeping an eye out


Shit news mate! +1 for bait bikes.

THERE ARE VANS OUT THERE STEALING BIKES NOW! just heard from another ktm owner in orpington who had his ktm 690 enduro stolen 2 hours before mine and i have JUST seen 3 likely lads in a tail lift luton van casing bikes outside J&S in new malden.

bike thieves are out there NOW - if yours isn’;t locked to a lampost or similar go do it now - alarms and disk locks mean nothing to these guys - locking it to something is the only way

call the cops

Dozens are stolen every day in London. As depressing as this is, it’s not news. We need to be vigilant at all times and help ensure everyone knows of the risks so they can better protect their bikes.

Sorry to hear about your bike fella :frowning: