Keep getting...

“Application error” when I post a reply or a PM… the actual post or PM works ok

Application Problem

Sorry but there was a problem with the site application, the page you wanted to view could not be shown. The site staff have been informed, but for now you can continue to use the site. We’re sorry for the inconvinience.

Ps you might also want to try spelling “inconvenience” correctly

Me too had same thing about half an hour ago…

me three… even though it says it i have noticed that it does still send it.

I’m getting the same - also when i try to look at posts or topics it say’s

oops that was bad


It’s being looked into.

Someone broke the interweb.

(ongoing investigation…)

Thanks Jay.

Thank you Jay. Well done for all the hard work

I promise it wasn’t me…I didn’t press the red button…!

Everything should be fine now. I had to make an emergency patch due to a MS update breaking things. GRR.

I hate it when they do that…