Kawasaki ZZR1400

This does actually look rather nice… And its a KWAKER!

The engine is an all-new four cylinder design, with ram-air and fuel injection, and the frame is similar to the ZX-12R’s monococque design. ABS will be an option, and the super-swoopy fairing incorporates four huge projector headlamps up front.






That looks like a fairly good touring machine… how many headlights…

At midnight in the northern hemisphere the midnight sun burns brightly… oh no sorry it’s that kwak zzr1400’s headlight again !!!

LOL… Yea 6 headlights may be a bit much, battery must run down quickly if u leave the key in without starting the engine… Matey did that on his SV650S, only standing around talking for about 10 mins, lol. Anyhoo, it actually does look quite tasty considering I don’t really like them sorta bikes. They’ve sorta taken the front of a ZXR and tunned it up a bit, I am quite impressed what they have done… and its suppose to be 200bhp so must do 200mph unless Kawasaki have restricted them, most probably the case!

See how it does on the market, I think it will do reasonably well!


Yea there is def somthing about it that i like i have to say…

Front looks new, rear looks like it doesn’t want to leave the 80’s and is kicking and screaming before coming along… WEIRD! Bet it rides better than the 1200 though, i.e. better handling and proper brakes!

Looks a bit frumpy with an R6 light cluster not my cup of tea I’m afraid. Did 5500 miles in 24 days this summer around Europe on my 7R, so not sure big tourers really needed.

Get a ZX12R man and do it properly.

Tony = Now that’d be something!!!

I know its a Kwaka which means I should love it, afraid not, does nothing for me at all. Dont like the fairing one bit. More aggressive styling required. I am sure that it will be a good sports tourer, about time they came out with another big beasty.