Kawasaki ZXR 400



For sale is my 1999 Kawasaki ZXR 400.I went back to uni this year and declared it SORN with the hopes of putting it back on the road when I graduate. Unfortunately I now need the storage space so it must go. Bike has been stored in my garage since March of 2017.

I bought her at 24k miles in 2014 from a lad in Wales. I was a mechanic at the time turning spanners for a living so I stripped her right back to the frame, had it powder coated and put her back together again with new bearings throughout. At the same time I repaired all the wiring, and have had 0 electrical problems since. I also uprated the front calipers by fitting a pair from a K2 Suzuki GSXR. I bought a Scorpion full-stainless exhaust system from a bloke who competed at the Manx GP with it (and had it on a ZXR400 tuned up to 75bhp!!). She sounds awesome, but could do with a dyno run to adjust the fuelling. When I last rode, she ran beautifully, but drank more fuel than before the pipe swap. I never got around to sorting it before storing her for uni. There’s a lovely Pipewerx can fitted. Baffle removed but sold with the bike, and re-fittable with a single bolt at MOT time. 
I put a £750 Niton Race shock on the rear. It’s sprung for an 11stone rider, and is in the middle of its adjustment range. Springs are available direct from Niton for about £20.

Almost new Michelin PR4 tyres on her. 

Ill throw in all the spares for it in my garage, as well as originals for parts I’ve replaced like the can and calipers. Will throw in rear paddock stand too.

In Summary:
30k miles
Scorpion stainless exhaust
Nitron Race rear shock (£750 new!)
GSXR K2 Calipers
Owned by a qualified mechanic (certificates available)
2 keys, logbook, and service history present.

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Good luck with the sale !


That’s super cool. I’d love one of the 400’s if I didn’t have to ride through ULEZ on my commute.


Hasn’t sold yet.

£1000 takes it with a standard shock absorber.
£1500 takes it with the Nitron.