Kawasaki ZX6R C1H 2005. Last of the 636

Well the time has come to say goodbye to the Ninja .

It has been my pride for 7 years. I bought the bike brand new in April 2005 on an 05 plate from WheelPower (they were a kwak dealer back then) in Raynes Park. It has always been garaged and has full service history, including various other oil changes from myself. It’s last service was a year ago at P&H Motorcycles in Crawley and it was the 16000 which is a major service, so I think the next major one is not due until 24000 miles. It has just under 17000 miles on the clock which is average and it has never been down the road. There are some scratches on the mirrors where like a prat I moved it round the side of my mum and dads house without thinking about the brick wall that was poking out.
Other than that it is spotless IMO.

It is taxed until the end of August and the MOT runs out next month, but to be honest I have done such little mileage in the last year, passing will be a formality.

So there are a few extras on the bike which should make it more desirable:

R&G Crash Bungs
R&G Swing arm Bungs
Ermax Engine and Clutch Covers. (attached over existing casings)
Renthal Front and Rear Sprocket
Goodridge Braided Brake Hoses (arguably the best investment on a bike)
Galfer Front Wavey Brake Discs and Galfer Pads. New with Less than 2000 miles on
K&N Air Filter
Evotech tail tidy
It also has a cut down number plate.

I think that is the lot other than the stickers you see on it

So for the LB price. £3100.

For the sale I have put the bike back to standard but I also have an Akrapovic End Can, Official Kawasaki Seat Cowl and Screen, plus clear after market indicators. I’m planning on selling these separately but for the right offer higher then the price above, it is all yours.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for looking


just out of curiosity, how much insurance do you pay for this?

I think it works out about £140 TPFT. Obviously circumstances make a big difference.

per month?

No per year. As I say circumstances make a big difference. Where the bike is parked, security devices, age, NCB, etc…

i wish it was that per month for me and i’d go for it :smiley: the lowest quote I got was £3.7K (first time insurer, living in UK for last 4 years, 25 year old no NCB, tracker installed, anchored with almax series 3)

stop looking at sports bike as a first bike then.

youd be looking at an older bandit/fazer sort of thing.

(though im of the sort where i think everyone who rides a bike should spend 6 months on a 125, makes your first off cheaper and less painful)

oh and, for me:

0 NCB, 17yr, 1998 Yamaha SR125 - £260 TPO (£600 excess)
1 NCB, 18yr, 1988 Honda Bros 400 - £215 TPO (£600 excess)
2 NCB, 19yr, 1988 Honda Bros 400 - £315 TPFT (£700 excess)

Yeah as boris said don’t go for a sports first, also you’re statistically more like to end up in a injury or accident that’s why it’s higher.

yea hence I am going for a Duke 125 with £300 TPFT for first year as they are underwriting insurance with Express Insurance for first year and I wasn’t even planning for a bigger bike for couple of years (maybe) but the deals here on the forum are just crazy that made me think twice :stuck_out_tongue: but the insurance is going to be a pain.
Wonder what i’ll have to pay at 25yrs 1 NCB TPFT or fully comp i.e. next year on duke with a full UK license … :Whistling:

If you look properly there is no reason why you should be paying more than 600-700 for a bandit at 25 years old with a years no claim.

Try the following:
Motorcycle DirectThe Bike InsurerTiger Insurance
Get the three cheapest quotes and call them. If its with a broker then you find out who they are insuring you with and call the company direct… If they aren’t paying commission to a third party you aren’t paying the price.

nice bike mate

Cheers Rixxy, I put a lot of time and effort into that over the years. Sorry to see it go, but it just doesn’t get ridden often anymore and at 6ft 4 it’s not the most comfortable ride for me :laugh:


Out of interest, what is? I’m not 6’ 4" but sometimes think the 6R is a little small, any suggestions? What are you riding now?