Kawasaki ZX6R 2001 MY vs Yamaha R6 2000 MY

Is there much in it between both bikes?

You know why im askin! The R6 was my bike of choice when I was doing DAS but I got sidetracked.

The R6 looks a steeper seat angle and looks more focused as a supersports, and cool!

but the Kwaka on reading historic MCN PDFs on their side of 2000 and 2001 600 supersport side by side tests state the Kawa is a great bike, as capable, just, give or take a hairs breadth, but is also a more comfortable bike and can be either a rpm screamer, race focused, and also could pass as a sports tourer type on longer distances for more comfort.

If there isnt much in it, I wont bother considering the change then!

Any R6 or ZX owners who have tried/owned both bikes?

Your opinions valued

I have a ZX6R 2000, allbeit it a bit ‘modified’ but it depends what you want to do with it, as everything you say above is true.

the brakes on the ZX6R are not a strong point, but that can be modified. best thing is to look at examples of both within your budget and pick the one in the best condition.

I have a ZX9, but Jools has an 01 ZX6 and it’s a great bike.Good enough to scratch and tour round Scotland (1600-odd miles).As quick on the road as any 600 and it’s a Kwak, so instant street cred.

Keep the ninja, YKIMS.

Ridden it home over 50 miles today now-the R6 2000 W Reg.

Compared to the ZX6R 2001 Y reg. The R6 is very light in weight. It is more manouverable changing direction using the foot pegs to turn. It is more responsive instantly on the turn of the handlebar- more tourquey, pulls better.

It is more quieter, as other Kwaka owners have stated, the ZX6R engine can sound more “agricultural.” It grips better. It looks cool. It is more cramped and has higher foot position. The pillion passenger sits higher and this can feel daunting, the wife has told me. The riding position and instrument cluster is cleaner and less cluttered. IT IS A GREAT STREET RACER and bonus points for looks. Negative point, the first to second gear change is very bumpy. Have spoke to a couple of R6 owners and this is usual as expected.


IT is not a Kawasaki, a kawasaki might be heavier to pull about, sound noisier on the go, not have such an instant bang and go for the sound the engine makes and what it gives for effort. The Ram air sounds cooler on the Kawa under full acceleration. There is something more satisfying about the Kawas reliability, its go anywhere cruising attitude and also turning on the pace as a racer when asked.

Summary-Love the R6 for the balls out fast attitude and flickability.

Love the ZX6R for the classic feel of a great 600 sportsbike/tourer, and the ram air. Love the analogue double dials and the busier speedo area, love the shine it still buffs up to. The gear change on the ZX6r is super smooth, no clonks. With the bike being heavier, you know what to expect and though it can be quick, it is dependable.

BOth great bikes, R6 for racing and being a bad boy, ZX as a great level entry 600 and more relaxed riding when you want to go slower-but it will still GO when asked.

The R6 brings out the devil. Both great bikes.

So thats a write up now then for anyone else in my predicament in the future. Done.