kawasaki quality

Are all Kawasaki’s bad quality? - bought a new ER5 - sad I know - last year and there is rust and corrosion on all panels already, I do look after my bikes but this one is falling apart, it’s first Kawasaki I owned, and prob last (but it was cheap). I knew they were poor quality but never imagined as bad as this. I’ve done 53,000 on my CBR through all weathers and no corrosion anywhere.

Think the ER5 is in a class of it’s own there. Every article and example if read/seen have suffered badly.

Best get the polishing kit out eh?

past the polishing stage - respray stage is approaching fast


Damned shame about your ER5 rusting up, get into touch with your dealer and bang the desk. If that doesn’t work get in touch with Kwaka’s head office (I make these sort of claims for people all the time).

On a lighter note I learn’t to ride for the second time on an ER5 and managed to do a somersault on one, so they can’t be all bad

I’ve had a ZX636 B1 since new for 18 months now, build quality has been 100%, no rusting up etc. Think it’s an ER-5 trait…they don’t get the best reviews…

My ZX12R is a 2002 bike and it’s mint … but these bikes do tend to get well looked atfer.

I got a 636 and it’s mint! Bad batch on yours perhaps? lol

yeah but yours doesn’t see the light of day

It’s still in the crate I heard


cezar, we’re gonna have to see a lot of that bike this summer man, you’re getting a rep…

I guess I’m in trouble eh? I still doing 7k miles a year on bikes guys! Not on my baby though… Let’s it get dry and warm!