Kawasaki er6n indicator relay

I want to fit a flasher relay on my Kawasaki er6n 2014 bike but can’t find the indicator relay. Does anyone know where it is located?

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The Turn Signal Relay (indicator relay) is a flasher relay, part 10 below for locaton

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…and once you have the fairing off

What you trying to do?

I bought a pair of signals which are not flashing properly so I was advised to change the relay to one that will work with the new signals. Hope the one I ordered will work :crossed_fingers:

If I was a gambling man I’d wager you’ve replaced the regular bulbs with LED bulbs and now the indicators are either not flashing or are flashing too fast.

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Correct. I hope the new relay will solve the problem. If not, any ideas how I can fix this issue?

An LED turn signal relay should have you sorted

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