Kawasaki disease - :)


At least its nothin like Gixxer disease! Buy a mosquito, wazz round on it like a nutter, scare grannies, crash lots! :slight_smile:

(climbs into asbestos box and waits)

Caused by excessive excitement from riding the most characterful bikes on the road ! :stuck_out_tongue:

i knew there was a reason i’m on my 5th Ninja


I’m currently suffering from the ZX7R strain of the disease! :smiley:

My youngest daughter actually had this condition about 5 years ago and spent five days in hospital,got to admit when the Doctor said what it was we had to ask him to repeat it(I did have a ZX12 at the time:D)

sorry Broady fella, this may be in bad taste… didn’t mean to offend at all.

Thought I spotted you coming out of Dobles on saturday mind. Trading in for a better bike like the CBF600?

I Just rang the local kawasaki dealer to order some “gammaglobulin” just in case, he was very rude , called me a tart and put the phone down.


Hey, that’s a dig at the CBF600. I’ve got one and, oh who am i kidding? It’s a bike, two wheels and an engine. That’s about it. But it’s mine and it’s treasured.

Is it a coincidence that you had a Hornets nest in your loft recently:w00t:?

Keep away from any thoughts of a Firestorm mate:w00t:;):smiley:

…always with the jokes


No offence taken Toby,its allways been a talking point and all was well in the end:D