Karaoke Night & Ladies Night

Hi All!

Right then, now the DAS is complete and out the way (oh did I mention before I passed ) It’s time to start organising a few more nights out!

Debz wants to have a Karaoke night, so I’ll be looking into a few venues were we can have private rooms for our own little LB X-Factor

Don’t worry if you can’t sing - that’s half the fun

AND… Sherrie has requested a Ladies night!

Boys, don’t start saying that a ladies night is a sexist idea… blah, blah, blah because the lovely Elad has volunteered to organise a Guys night out (sorry Elad, did I forget to mention that - afterall it was your idea).

From what I’ve heard a ladies and guys night out has been planned before then both groups met at the end of the night for a good old booty shake-down (Sherrie/LMT - I’m thinking a Witness the Fitness theme coming on )

Hope everyone will be interested in joining in both nights.

Oh, and before I forget, if anyone would be interesed in a Go Ape day out let me know as well and I’ll find out prices etc (www.goape.co.uk)

sounds like good fun to me sweetie!


Was going to see how many showed interest but maybe one night at the end of May and the other at the end of June (around pay day )

Sounds good to me, although do have plans on the bank holiday weekend.

Hello did some one mention karoke before, cuz i wanted to do that before but i couldnt find the thread afterwards. The last group night we had out was a great night out think we all met up in trafalger square and went our seperate ways.

Put my name down

P.s congratulations on your pass

Sounds good GP! Can’t make end of May as I’m on holiday but I’m definitely up for a night out in June

I hear Tug is a really good singer though so I’m sure he’d be up for belting out some tunes for your listening pleasure…

I’m for both GP.

Totally forgot about the May Bank Holiday so maybe we could do Karaoke around the 1st weekend of June and the Lads & Ladies night out around end of june/early July???

Would everyone be up for it?

We are away at the TT end of May into June , for 2 weeks so no can do Karaoke then

Trouble is I like going out with the girlies & Debs likes going out with the lads

Sounds brilliant! Count me in!


a word to the wise on this

get a deposit from people before booking… as the reason the guys joined us on the ladies night last year was cos i had put down a large deposit which would have been forfeit due to last minute cancellations or no shows from people that had said they would be attending…

the guys joined us after which means that the min spend was reached and i got a refund…

just as an FYI… but if we are in the country then yep J and i should be up for this…

End of May…beginning June fully booked up for me too!

2nd week of June? Mid May?

If ya going for a ladies night i’d like to put the missus in the hat for entertainment, if that ok? as sherrie and a few others will tell ya she does the Ann summers lark so could do games and stuff etc, also she could prob arrange strippers etc, she has done ladies nights in certain pubs etc too.

My advice is, if ya gonna meet up with the blokes meet em at a seperate place to where ya having your ladies night, even if it is in the same venue but the pub has a hall for the ladies night and meet the blokes in the main pub etc.

Totally agree. The ladies and lads will have their seperate night in different venues then meet up afterwards.

Abbey - thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely be pre-arranging some kind of deposit thing if need be.


Thanks Elad for joining the team

See you on Wednesday!

Sounds good but can’t do the end of May (did I mention I’m doing my 1st trackday… ) and away the following weekend away too

Yep £400 deposit on the venue was a lot of outlay for the girls; for some not to bother on the day - the lads ended up with around a dozen fellas on the night and the same for the girls after 30+ each giving the initial thumbs up til the penultimate week/ night from memory!!!

Everyone who actually made the effort last time thoroughly enjoyed themselves - make sure Charlie takes his ID!!!

Good luck

Just bumping it up…

Elad and i are going to be discussing the Lads and Ladies night tonight at the Market… so if anyone wants to offer up some ideas feel free to find us

Ian and I would be interested pending the dates, we are busy the last two weekends in June, so wouldnt be able to make those dates.