who do you think was at fault. I think Kallio was the main offender in that incident and quite frankly I’m suprised there isn’t some kind of enquiry.

Racing incident, but Kallio had no right to be all in Melandri’s face like that.

I would have [email protected] him one. :smiley:

racing incident…

Kallio turnned in very quickly, cant imagine he knew he was there…

I think it was Kallios reaction that got to me. If I’d been Melandri I’d probably have hit him, same as Afro.

Racing incident - they would have both shaken hands over a beer Sunday night.

Adrenalin in scary amounts after a crash like that (not that I’d know lol), no wonder he lashed out with 200bhp trying to rip his manhood off!!

a bit difficult to say, id say 50/50

+1 :w00t: that looked scary!! talk about a close shave!

Gotta be a risk everytime you dive inside someone on a tight bend like that. There must have been half a bike length in it before Kallio went ploughing in. Kallio was lucky to escape uninjured rolling around over the bikes in the gravel. Fault? 50/50 i expect. I mean, whats the point overtaking someone if you cant keep in the game? Eh Jorge?

Kalio, melandri was clearly past him and not too close at all, how kalio did not see him i dont know, prob had the “how dare any1 pass me on a factory ducati” head on, lol.

Melandri had passed Kallio on the inside but was slower on the apex than Kallio anticipated. Kallio should have seen this and altered his line to avoid the collision but didn’t. But then why did Melandri slow so much at the apex unless to brake test Kallio? Shame for Melandri when he’d made so much progress through the field.