K5 - Rebuild Complete

Well, complete for now Everything I needed has come in, everything has been installed (sans new discs, boohoo), she’s on the road, and giving me woodies and grins again like there’s no tomorrow. I’m happy to have her back with wheels a turning, but I can’t wait for the good weather so I can hit the track again!

I’ve just installed the carbon frame-protectors which have been sitting around for a while, waiting for me to strip the bike down again and glue/secure them in place. I’m very happy with the quality of them. The saftey-stickers still need to come off, but it was too cold to stay outside for long, and there’s more important things to do, like eat the rest of the Christmas turkey.

Going forward, I’d love to fit some Marchesini, PVM or BST rims, then install the Brembo SBK discs I have, but I don’t know when I’ll be in a position for that, I’ve got a lot of other things demanding my attention at the mo… I’d also like to get the forks rebuilt with Ohlins internals and new valving units.

I’d like to thank Scott for his brilliant help in sourcing components, and helping to add a little something to the bike, to make up for the horrible experience both it and I went through, thanks mate! Here’s some snaps I took today in the freezing cold (some are blurred, as it was so cold, I couldn’t stand still)…

Thats looking well trick mate should be mental with that gearing, im looking forward to some good weather as they are too much for the cold and damp !!

Thanks Pete. It requires careful use of the throttle, for sure, in this weather, it spins up easily. I want to stop riding it now until it warms up again, but that’s down to when I get the DRZ back on the road again, bah. Though I have to say, it’s not hard riding this bike in the winter, the torque makes it so easy to just bumble around in a high gear and cruise along.

Looking goog Jay, only one prob that I can see on those pics…mirrors man, lose the mirrors !!

Thanks fella I used to ride without mirrors all the time on the road, but I just couldn’t do it any more, it’s just too dangerous without them. It’s easy to sell the idea of no mirrors to yourself, thinking you’re faster than everything else, so why bother with what’s behind when you can concentrate on what’s in front, but there’s other bikers, the Police, and dozy car drivers coming up behind you at red-lights.

The mirrors have saved me more than once, after refitting them not too long ago.

V nice Jay.

Very sweet mate. Can I ask one thing? Gis a go mister

Looking good Jay, glad your baby is back on the road again…

Thats looking proper tidy jay, looking at the pics i gotto get myself ohlins rear shock (does it make much difference on the the road) or more for track, looks the bizz anyhow, great colour that blue and white, hehehe, roll on the summer !!!

The shock does seem to have better damping whilst under power when on the road, though not by much, the real benefit is for the track where it soaks everything up and keeps the bike very well composed when hard on it. It also looks nice

its looking good very good, i’ll be haveing a nose when i see it !!!

So is anyone kind enough to let me have a go of there K5 considering my poorness will never be able to afford one I know we are all friendly here at LB as Jay says one big family

If you’re insured Terry, you can have a spin on mine, sure, but if you bend it, you mend it, pronto.

Really? No mate was only joking I don’t like to ride other people pride and joy cheers anyway mate very much appreciated.

V. good job Jay! well done mate!

“I want to stop riding it now until it warms up again”

He says as he rolls it out the garage

Er yeah, can’t help it, just been looking at some summer pictures and am missing summer riding already

Lookin’ good jay…really nicely done, looks like it came out of the crate yesterday. will be expecting a vid of it on the track in the summer

Looking good. Nice work fella

congrats jay - congrats…very nice work…

Looking good mate! hopfully see ya up the Ace soon, though i’m not sure on the side tank protectors?

And definatly wait till its warmer, as I high sided my R1 last week turning out of a T junction, and how I stayed on was a mistery. Completely out of the seat, cracked the front screen with my helmet, and bruises on me legs. Luckely nobody behind me. Just out of the garage, cold rennsports and very cold tarmac.

I wish I had it on video to watch!!