K5 blue clocks ???

Finally got these done on the Stealth not bad for £39 +p&p, what do you think ??



Copy of 10.12.05 Clocks 002.jpg

Looking good mate…where did you get those from ?

Nice, Pete! Looks good, though where were you for the party mate? You missed your award!

That looks mad!

Sorry Jay i was working, so what award ??

Best Bike award. We’ll send it out to you, I’m sure Foxy will contact you in time.

hi mate, where did you get those from and where they hard to fit? Wouldn’t mind some for my k2 600. Cheers, Dan.

These are the guys that done my clocks http://www.scorpio-electronics.co.uk/

Pete they look real good man remind me of VW’s blue dials are the s**t

Just to let you know went to Ace today first ride since getting clocks done, well what can i say they are BRILL im well pleased £39 well spent.

I’m missing something here. WTF have you done to 'em?

Standard ones light up in orange

Oh… Now I see.

I shant ask why!

Cos i get bored with run of the mill, and want to be diff

Cos i get bored with run of the mill, and want to be diff

I heard ya the first time!

(I hope your pillion appreciates the effort, no other ****er will see 'em!)

What did you get done mate? Looks like you have a new needle too? Whats involved? Looks smart

I just sent clocks of and they solderd new blue led bulbs in, the needle not been changed.