Just wondered how many of you are crazy enough to.....

Own a zx10r… I find that we are a minority these days all the bike mags tend to slate them pushing guys towards the other 3 major Jap makes…

To be honest i`ve only every seen 3 and 2 of them were at the Ace,

I like ZX tens there bad ass bikes

Id hate to think what would happen to me if i had one though…

Untill i get board of wheelies ill stick with my gixer 750…

at least on the 750 there generally sub 100mph…

My mate has the 04 10R, and says he will never want another bike again, its just perfect! He has had loads of other bikes, and is mad as a hatter, so can easily believe him on this one. He has it in black and it looks the nuts.

Ooh those crazy ninja riders!

I’ve seen a couple near me. My 636 is nuts enough but if I look to a litre, the ZX10 is going to be tempting.

I did look at the 10R as a replacement for my TL but resisted in the end.

It’s got a couple too many cylinders for me

Also i don’t think i would do it justice

Welcome to the “Not so popular bike club”

They are Marmite bikes, many Journos and owners reported the things trying to kill them…others say they love them.

For me, any bike that is so consistently reported as being twitchy/slappy/dangerous gets crossed off my list of desired rides quickly. The C of G gets highlighted as a cause… as does the std suspension.

Where’s your sense of adventure?

I don’t know what draws me to such machines.

Maybe I was a rodeo rider in a previous life…lol

My sense of adventure? [Tongue]

Lost that in a Clerkenwell pothole, cicra '91

I think you are drawn to such machines due to a fondness for regular Monkey****ingAFootball impressions… Keeps the chaps following you entertained too.

We do a yearly bit of malarkey in Wales every year, which include a blast over the mountains.
Last year I had Nick on the back (he’d only brought his track bike). Ian passed us (me doing an indicated 145 [private bit of track occifer]) on his 10 leaving a ‘darkie’ for about a quarter of a mile. When we stopped a few miles on we had a chat.
Me: What speed were you doing when you passed us?
Ian: Indicated 176
Me: golly gosh, that’s good! What did you see when you stopped accelerating?
Ian: Indicated 205
Me: Goodness! That is impressive!

Ok, that’s not the exact language I used, but the figures are accurate.

ZX10s are for those of us with no testicular deficiencies!

ZX10 are sinister mean try to kill you at ever turn bikes and I LUV EM.
I don’t think I could ever justify one anytime soon and owning a ZX10 would put me in more trouble than I already get into on my own K4 600

“ZX10s are for those of us with no testicular deficiencies!”

“That sounds like a cry for help.”

Unrefined lunacy.

I want a go on an 04 one some day.

Test rode a 06 wheelbarrow 10R - huge fun, soo quick, felt great, but looks fugly compared to the 04-05 10R. Will get one, but not at expense of selling me 7r, so saving pennies time.

Lovely bike, if not great on standard settings - adjust them, that’s why they’re made adjustable. If too scary, don’t ride scarily. If getting too much, get something else.

It’s all personal anyways!

So who cares.

Have great weekend n enjoy what ya ride!

got one 07 , love it and love not having the same bike as others , people need to try bikes themselfs before knocking them of there lists , as i’v always said they only do what you make them do ! would rather do 100mph on a zx than a big scooter thing , and yes i have tryed it dont snezze or your comming off

And for all of the above reasons thats why I luv biking and will trade up to one one day

Respect to all ZX10 owners

Thanks, we deserve it !