Just witnessed the most reckless bit of riding ever

On my way to work this morning, along 7 Sisters Rd approaching the Manor House crossroads 2 bikes came flying past me at speed (on was a GS500, not me I might add!) don’t know what the over one was. Anyway they both stop at the red light next to each other – not sure whether they know each other or not, but I got the impression they were egging each other on. Anyway the lights are still on red, then suddenly the first bike goes into gear and flies towards the other side of the crossroads. Now I don’t know if the guy on the GS500 assumed the lights had changed cos the other bike went, or whether he was even more stupid than I thought, but he then follows the first bike across – in the meantime a car coming though the green light the across the path of these bikes comes flying along and misses the GS500 by INCHES, but they both just carried on…

I know we all like a blast on our bikes and get carried away sometimes, but doing that during the rush hour at a very busy junction ?

Fkn shook me up, just seeing how close that was… hope they (especially the second guy) doesn’t always ride like that, cos he won’t be around too long.

Yep, all too easy to get caught up in the Rush Hour GP. Sometimes I think Grid Girls at traffic lights would be a good idea.

I had to have a little chat with myself at the weekend, increase in percieved ability and confidence doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with genuine ability and skill :unsure:

indeed indeed. A reminder I tell myself regularly.

I saw some pretty scary riding yesterday too, but at least it was by professionals on a closed circuit…Cadwell to be exact. So you know what that means. :hehe:

Lots of this:




Vent Axia get their money’s worth that day!:smiley:

Great pix Andrew.

Shakey is “The Don” at the mountain section. Remember last year he got the bike almost vertical when going through that section. Looks great on TV, I bet even better at trackside!