Just to say hi

Hey guys am a newbie. Just thought i’ll introduce myself. I’ve been riding my CG125 for a few months now, still got to past my test(A2) which has been move from this week to begin of july due to sickness. Oh well practice makes perfect when i get my bike fix.:stuck_out_tongue:


I glad I’m the first to welcome you aboard LB! You’re already a Breakfast Club Member, now an LB’er!:w00t:


hello, welcome to LB

i beleive you were sneakys pillion on the BCR last sunday, nice to see ya on LB!:smiley: Hope ya get the CG sorted out soon.

welcome to the nut house:D just get the a2 out the way then keep a look out for a super-retard & we’ll get ya doin wheelies all the way to finchinfeild;):cool:

all the best, mad-dog:)

hello and welcome… x:P

Thanks guys I feel a whole load better now. Am not so nervous now :satisfied:

Hello again and welcome to LB:D Very nice to meet you Sunday,certainly added something to the overall picture:P (assuming you are George’s pillion that is)

Why do I get the feeling that the numbers on The BCR are about to suddenly swell?:Whistling:


Well its a far better view than your rear in those ratty old leathers:P

Well its alright for some, you guys get to enjoy the ride and the view:smooooth:. Its not fair I don’t get to enjoy the same view:hehe: and i don’t even get to see rears in ratty old leather :frowning:

But you are up close and personal to those leathers:P

Trust me those leathers are nothing to get excited over:doze: Even you agreed to that :smiley:

Oi, oi oi, you two! Stop talking about my leathers as if I’m not here, cause I’m not…here, I mean.

There’s no point hav’in new leathers then riding The Riot, is there?:hehe:

True, I think they’re made for each other.Would’nt be the same without them I suppose.You love the attention anyway!!!:wink:

Who m…ok!:wink:

Well good day to you! and welcome!!

apparently westie its ur bday soon (a lil birdie told me) and i was meant to b goin along to it as a pillion… and i dont even kno u… small world. x

Thanks Westie:)

Welcome to LB :smiley: