Just to let you all know

you guys aren’t blocked in China - unlike facebook :w00t: …wicked place with plenty of scooters and the odd motorbike.:slight_smile:


Any pictures.

:ermm: Did you get lost?? Aren’t you meant to be in Lagos?

My thoughts also???

Anyway, update on your progress please. Hope all is ok and your raking in those spondoolies.:smiley:

He’s now an International Man of Mystery being sent on important missions all over the globe don’t you know;)

And you lot all though secret agents were swathe, sophisticated, sexy and debonair, how wrong you all are! :D:P

You lot are a bunch of cheeky feckers…have just been on a course in Beijing (3 in the morning now and waiting for a taxi back to the airport - ouch) - as you do…:smiley:

But in case any of the pretty young bikers were worried - I can confirm I am indeed still very much a sophisticated, sexy and debonair young man…:wink:

ps…Anyone been to Maggies bar in Beijing? Not a place you’d take your misses that’s for sure! Happy weekendo…

Blog will updated upon my return :slight_smile: but all is fine thx Puppy. China is amazing (my first time here) but looking fwd to getting home to Lagos shortly :smiley:

so you bangcok yet ?

oops been i meant …

good to hear your doing well matey …

hehe , glad you’re surviving mate.

International M-O-M, undercover :smiley:

Sounding very professional out there, going on courses and everything.

Keep us updated when you get to Bang **** for some laydyboy action

did you manage to see much of the wall.