Just rode my old scooter

Just rode my old scooter up to Regent’s park for a tennis lesson. It’s kept in the basement at work, so I thought I’d give it a run out. Not ridden it for about 5 months and want to sell it (anyone fancy a 1 year old, 3,000 mile Kymco People S 125? Basically the same as a Honda SHi). It was wierd getting on it. So light and wobbly compared to the bike, as you’d expect, but more than I’d thought and SO low on power - again as you’d expect, but I couldn’t believe it initially. It was quite a pleasant pootle in the end though. Has anyone tried a bigger engined scooter? what’re they like to ride? just curious - not planning on leaving my street trip any time soon

I had a 2 stroke Gilera Runner 180 for a couple of years and it used to wheelie with the top box loaded on the back without much throttle…:w00t:

Quite fun to ride but found it a great deal higher on maintenance than I thought for a scoot and ultimately had enough of the road abuse from EVERYONE.:angry:

Piaggio X9 500 EVO:

Comfortable, brisk acceleration, excellent brakes, good slow-speed manoeuvrability, stable at higher speeds, good weather-protection, good fuel consumption, governed top speed - 110mph, mile-eater, luggage-lugger.

Do you want to know more?:wink:

Sounds useful. So many bikes, so little time… I have spent a fair bit of time planning my future fantasy garage complete with streetfighter (got that), some classic-style bikes - a cafe racer, maybe a bonnie or that scrambler triumph do (had a go on one of those once), some sort of tourer - not sure what yet thought about the MotoGuzzi Norge, a monster goldwing or maybe that nuts looking big Victory, perhaps a rocket III? as well, now a maxi scooter, a baby scooter, something custom, sport tou…ah, getting strange looks at work…

Maxi scoots rock! You can ride them into town, fit all your gear under the seat and in the topbox, do the weekly shopping, and take it all home, tour comfortably for long distances, and no one wants to steal them :smiley:

(Putting aside the fact that I only have an auto license) I would struggle to have a geared bike as my only vehicle (which is what my scooter is), because it wouldn’t be as versatile.

But you’re planning for a whole dream garage, so I suppose that doesn’t matter :smiley:

i LOVE scoots…

dunno what it is…but they are the ultimate town tool, so easy to flick about, i can get through gaps a mouse would have trouble geting through:w00t:

i just love em! it looks hilarious when you whelie one off the lights in rush hour.

i have had a few, i do find it a bit odd at first after riding my SV, but you soon remeber how its done…flat out…dont brake… or lose momentum!! i have had some funny rides to work, running rings round bigger bikes!

runner 180’s are bonkers, proper bonkers:D:w00t:, if i had one id love it! but it would be nicked in 5 mins, no runners please!!!:smiley: