just little old me

Just a quickie hello have a snoop at my profile i don’t bite!

Aaawww, I bite!

Lol, welcome.

Welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome. whats your road weapon of choice?

welcome. whats your road weapon of choice?

welcome to LB! keep an eye out in the rideouts and meet section for all the latest events!:slight_smile:


cbr600f1 but need something bigger lol:D

bow chicka wah wah :smiley:

Hello and welcome:)

Nottingham?.. is that near Liverpool?:smiley:

blimy is everyone on here this friendly to newbies lol

no hunni Nottingham is near derby in the east midlands:D

You don’t know Westie then?:hehe:

no babe only got one friend on here boohoo

Who dat den?:cool:

roguecbr600f3 it’s his fault i’m on here lol:)

We wil deal with him later;)


hiya and welcum

And another welcome! :slight_smile: