just joined?

hey i just joined LB as i only just got my cbt, some of you may now me already as i am adam.h’s brother,

Hey Chris, welcome aboard Are you riding yet?

Welcome fella!

Welcome to LB, nice one on getting your CBT

Think ill let AJ poke you this time round might make her smile


Yay! Congratulations on your CBT and welcome

Hi there and welcome to LB Chris!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Thanks DA

Good on ya for passing and welcome to LB matey; see ya on a ride sometime or at Cubana for the weekly jolly :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome.

hey thanx , yea i am riding, i only ride a 50cc but who cares a bike is a bike, some just go faster, lol

christoff, hello dude… i heard you got ya bike

yea im just waiting to get some pictures, when i saw u up ace i was riding it then ,

did look round for ya once i got off the blower but i couldnt see ya no worries next time eh?

well done and welcome to the mad house!!!

Hey Welcome Chris.

Learn your skills on the 50 then you’ll soon be doing your full licence mate…

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Hi mate, welcome from the staff too - don’t be put off by scary Moderator man - think cuddly Citroen type transformer

fallen victim to the moderator already… is there no escape

Welcome to LB, enjoy it here! Loads of nutters, namin no names (Simon)



Hey Chris, last time I saw you, you were flying over Adams shoulders into the back of an MPV in London

Good to see your on a bike at last, can’t depend on your brother for a safe ride eh