Just had my first off...

Back home in Wales on the backroads up in the Brecon Beacons. Tried keeping up with the boys so my own fault.

Went over a brow a bit too fast, up on one wheel then into the dreaded wobble. Then went up onto a verge which luckily tipped my bike to the side and narrowly missed a wall outside a farm by inches then slid a few metres across the road.

Right side is fucked. Mirror, bobbin and rear brake clean snapped off and a fair bit of damage to the fairing. Apart from that no obvious damage. Managed to ride it back a few miles to my house with no problems. So looks like I’ll be getting the train back to London on Monday :frowning:

Got a few grazes on my shoulder, elbow and hip. Bones all in one piece. And to those of you wondering… Yes I was wearing my gloves :slight_smile:

I feel quite lucky that I’m still in one piece because if i hit that wall as the farmer said someone wasn’t quite so lucky recently.

No bike to ride means it’s now time to hit the bars. Watch Swansea smash Villa and get rather drunk :slight_smile:

Safe riding all.

Oh bigger. It’s not a bad first crash to have, no serious damage and you’ll now learn to take it steady at all times.

Grazes you say… Did you rip through textile gear then or were you riding in normal clothes?

Poor Ninja :frowning: I’m alright with them now if you need a hand patching it up…

Haven’t really ripped the textiles, I just hit the road with quite a bit of force when I came off the verge. Helmet has taken a beating too.

I’m going to order the parts to my mates house who’s going to fit the rear level and mirror for me. As for the fairing I’m just going to live with that until I’m feeling flush enough to spend out on a new one. I’ll just have to ride around with the emarassment of people knowing I came off :frowning:

Lucky it’s your pride that has taken the biggest bashing;) and nothing else!!! glad you are ok fella!

Sounds like you had a lucky escape mate. Lesson learnt, never ride faster than your guarian angel can fly, and always know the limits of yurself and your bike! :wink:

Ouch… oh well, listen to the advice… Stay within your comfort zone… hope you and the bike are back on the road soon…

Best wishes.

Sorry to hear that mate, glad you’re ok tho!

Glad you’re ok!

you lucky fuuck…!!!

Take that as a caution bud…and enjoy the rest of your vacation tom!!!

Glad your in one piece son, looks like the helmet saved your bonce too so that will also need replacing.

Tell em you damaged the fairings racing at Silverstone in the Ninja Challenge Cup. :cool:
Glad to hear you’re ok chap

bit of T Cut will get those scratches out:w00t:

I dont think that warrants the t cut spit an a oily rag should do the trick tom theres two type of rider those who have come off an those who aint come off yet welcome to the

the club amazing how much you can learn from hitting the tarmac sound like you got a pulling power tonight what with the war wounds a cool story for the birds .

never ride beyond your ability.

that said glad your ok dude, first one out the way, crack on.:smiley:

Wow dude bummer… Is that the crash protector that snapped right off?

Oh mate - I’m so sorry to hear your news, but pleased to hear that you are relatively ok. Could have been an awful lot worse.

Really pleased to hear you were wearing your gloves - see nagging works sometimes! And it would make attracting the ladies much more difficult if you only had stumps where your hands used to be!

Might I therefore very respectfully suggest that you do a Bikesafe course asap. £45 very well spent and a brilliant day out with lots of feedback on your riding style and get yourself a copy of Roadcraft or the IAM handbook and make IPSGA be your mantra. Will make all the difference, promise.

glad to hear you are ok mate and good on you for getting straight back on. everyone falls off, dont worry about it.

just think of it as out the way now.

keep those fairings as a trophy and a timely reminder.

glad you are ok, why anyone wears an open face helmet is beyond me, you supplied the proof its a bad idea right there!

+1 :wink: