just got a 1989 rg125

na we gonna put bike in van now lool dad bike having probs starting!!

ffs put his harley in the back ill sort that 2!!! tell him 2 hurry the old togger!!:smiley:

pmfsl he said shut it or you will start a mc war:P and he plans to put it in aswell;)

go for it both!!! old timer:D

pmsl he to old now dan!!! kick boxer freak:P i find it funny how you are so silent! but when it comes to it you fight like a ****** and i no ive seen it your’e mad ninja loool

i am a nice ninja:w00t: never judge a book by its cover ah i only do it when needed thanks!!! he still think he can take me down like last time when i droped him in 2 moves;) ah that was fun nice 1:)

loool you nob you hurt him that night… but it was a party so he said meh!!! was good fun look … wooooo his bike started yays right 15 i hope!!! again!!!:smiley:

lool sorry old timer but you was going for it:) see ya soon;) i aint done that **** for ages!!! but still can move when needed!!:cool: i k.oed steven in ring other week in 2 moves oooops;) i gotta watch that right hooker!!! it deadly

it’s ya old mans fault drumming all that army combat **** into ya head lool not a bad thing atleast i no u can fight! when needed!

:smiley: when needed is the word girl!!!

never seen any one move like you!!! bloody ninja mate!!!

yer yer you comming or wot lool go pub after…:hehe:

Get a room! :smiley:

i dont need one i got a gf :smiley:

damn right his gf would kick my ass fish’s can fight!!! loool sorry fish!

lool damn right!!!

Ive just wasted 5 minutes reading this thread:Whistling:

You have to just love the way the English language evolves to fit the times.

do you want ya 5 mins back its drinking time after all 5 mins is 5 mins:D

new age south east london talk init err yer lol:w00t: