just got a 1989 rg125

well i just got a 1989 rg125 and if runs fine its just making a rattle sound from the right side off the engine any one have this bike on here and if so is this normal??? i dont no i am blonde:D as my tzr125 dont do this…:w00t:

1’s off all welcome to the club anover rg rider:D i beat up 100 pounds the rattle u are on about is comming from the right on the big round bit on the engine case this is normal on the gammas i own the same bike 1990 gamma it’s just ya clutch dont worrie about it ive had 4 motors and they all do the same and do **** loads off miles a year and its fine the sound you are on about sounds like a marraca lool yep mine does it to fairly normal how ever make sure it aint ur big end or little end! could also be the water pump they make a racket on the gammas easy way to tell is pull the clutch in the sound should die down! and will be louder on tick over. if u need any more help just give me a buzz…

ps watch the clutch take off on the little gamma is very sharp! compaired to the tzr ive also had the tzr 2rk dont go fliping it now lean over the front if u go off the lights like a gd en:hehe: will help keep it down lool

yep you are bang on dan it does die with the clutch in! and now you tell me i nerly fliped it this morning!! mine only seems to pull 65mph any advice there cos i no urs is a **** load faster!!!:smiley: have you changed ya tyres dan as ur’s look bigger than mine! and how did you get ya back light in the rear fairing looks much better!!

yours is prob still running 12bhp restricted theres 3 restrictors on the gamma pipe airbox and p.v seeing as ur blonde you prob dont no wtf iam talking about:w00t:
they come in 12bhp learner legall for the uk market mine is full power 28bhp+ with the 180cc bore boysung reeds micron power pipe etc etc and the rear light i chop the rear mud gaurd down cut a hole in the rear panel and made up some mounts to fit the rear light in the mounted the number plate to the old mudgaurd mounts simples!!.:wink: and yer ive fitted over sized tyres thet fit direct onto it rear you can go 120 section max you can get a fatter one on but u have to remove the chain gaurd.
if you fit the blanker pipe left side off ya cylinder head theres a cover with 3 bolts wipe that off see if theres any think in there for me would ya…

ah ok ill go look now. how do you no so much about them dan???

i been thinkering with strokers for years i got a passion for the old rg’s and older strokers and iam a rg nut 250s 500s etc i no em all back to front and have owned the 125 gamma for some years now dont even need a manual any more lol. but i mainly deal with 2t’s if you need any bits i got 2 engines for spares and a manual if u want a cd copy mine has died many times and i always bring her back to life dont give up! no matter how long it takes…

right mr nutter me and dad just took that bit off and it’s empty just 2 ports there???:hehe:

lool. right make a blanker pipe then if you need one i can make one in about 10 15 mins out off piping easy way just wipe the bike here some time and ill get rid off all the restrictors etc make it faster like mine… the blanker will make it much faster and more evil in the hi up range fun fun and will kick in at about 6 thou rpm and go like **** off a shovel u seen min notice how it lag’s then goes like the clappers when the power band kicks in thats at 6k ish…: all way up to 13 thou ish or more goes over the red line mine;)

were are you dan? iam in eltham/sidcup

10 mins from you eltham/kidbrook wipe it down ill do it quickly ill pm u me addy.

dad said dan from dispossessed mc??? if so he said ******* hell boy were you been!!! ( my dads riot from ha mc :smiley:

yep thats me:D **** me you never said he was ya dad we go back a long way:D thou thick and thin! hows the old togger doing lool come down ill do ya bike and we can catch up! baz is here from windsor:P

he said were on the way nutty **** thers a man i can trust??? see ya soon:hehe:

long story lol let just say i backed him up 1 night… but iam a gd boy now:D:D

dad said ********:wink: you still the number one nutter he remebers you when you was in dypers still riding like a **** on ya back wheel:D and see you in 15:cool:

yer we got a lot off gd memorys i miss the gd old days just riding for miles finding a random fild and camping up getting **** faced:D:D jay u must off bee the little girl on the back a bit older than me???

yes jay i remeber u loool used to do moto x with you back in the day when we was kiddies:D always did woop you nowts changed:P

cheecky ****** dads bike wont start looool and you alway was gd at riding dan:D i still say you should go into pro mx you are **** hot at it when you do it!!! them back flips was amazing! dad still ta\lkin about you at santapod on the twin tubo hitting 200+ he was well amazed then he said you are a right nutter and just go for it that y he loves you looool i remember that to twin turbo 750 wasent it? dragter?

na it was a old twin turbo 750 unitrack with nos etc god ya spellings worse than mine:P his bike wont start pmfsl glad to see now’t aint changed :hehe:
want me to pick ya up i can come on baz’s harley quickly?