Just for the record, it wasn't me

Beautiful thumbnail it has to be said.


What an utter moron…

Edited from ‘twat’ to ‘moron’ as I thought that word was a better descriptor.

Hardly ramming his way through
The woman shouldn’t have tried to grap him either

It a shame I work from home on Mondays, I missed all the fun on the A12 eastern avenue this morning

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just looked like a simple filtering manoeuvre to me


Good lad.
It’s nice to see people starting to fight back against these dickheads.


Be a fck sight easier and safer to use the path I’d have thought.

Some of these space cadets blocked the Marylebone Road a year or so ago. They had left a gap to let cyclists through so I rode through that much to their protests.

It worked though. By being a pain in the arse and inconveniencing me I now whole heartedly agree with their cause and wish to join them.

Heh. This is @pricetta’s principle complaint with them, that their strategy does the opposite of what they intend - to bring people onto their side.


I hate that comments are turned off on all their social media. The don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t support their agenda. I hope they visit Canning Town again. They got a great reception last time.

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Yup, right idea, wrong execution. I’m all for protest, but when it’s just small little groups causing inconvenience to individuals, it doesn’t actually create enough of a nuisance to get police or govt involved, and therefore just p*sses people off and detracts from the cause. Bah.


Took me a while to realise he doesn’t actually ram through anyone as they are not interlocking hands at least in the back row(amateur protest methinks)

The reason I called him a moron is that had something gone wrong, he could have hurt himself, his bike, and others and could have been at fault (depends on which way any lawyer / judge saw it). He also decided to make it a point rather than ride around them and all it takes is someone to lob something at him and he’s off the bike…

The other issue is that protest does have to inconvenience, and in my mind the more, the better.

Regarding scale, the government has pretty much made it all but impossible to cause mass disruption that a proper protest should cause (e.g. close down a city centre). These small scale protests are a result of this - smaller scale, easier to organise and get around rules and regs. At the moment it feels like everyone expects protests and strikes to only be allowed when people are not going to be inconvenienced.

It would be duplicitous for me to say this without admitting I haven’t yet been affected by one of these protests. But, just like the train, doctor, teacher strikes etc (which have affected me), it’s more important for me for this action to be allowed.

The only aspect I have an issue with is when ambulances, people ill get caught up in this - I have been in protests back home where there was a way around this and this needs looking into.

Reminds me of the useless bike parking protests …

In that part of London lucky they didn’t get stabbed……(the protesters that is)

The scaffolder Pokémon seem to have very good stats.