Just done my first trip

Got myself a CBT certificate and a CG125 (James) last month and did my first proper journey on tuesday - from Wycombe to Oxford and back. Well - I survived, so that’s all good. Really enjoyed it (was a little scared :crazy: )

Here’s a few notes I made to myself along the way:

  1. James’ll make it to 60 (but feels quite unsteady when I do)
  2. suspension’s not all that great, but still better than a series 3 landy!
  3. Flies - lots of them, and moths make a satisfying thunk when messing up your visor (poor little things)
  4. moving my head to look in my mirrors can really throw me off balance if I’m not careful
  5. Trying to peel off disgustingly sweaty trousers is actually quite hard work and often involves falling over (in my case :blink: )
  6. all in all - great fun and wonderful to have some independence!

Next stop, 2 1/2 hour return trip next weekend down to Salisbury - wish me luck!

Good luck and welcome to LB.:slight_smile:

welcome to bikes:D