just back from Tenby, Wales

First time in Wales, 1 night out, absolutely loved it!
Lovely roads and beautiful landscapes. Luckly it was sunny overall, great day yesterday, just a bit of rain this morning when leaving.
The B&B was called Whychwood House, very cute, bike friendly, good value for the money!
500 miles in total! Reccomended :slight_smile:

By the way the break in period for my Multi is finally over!
770 miles in 14 days… actually I’m a bit worried because the first service is going to be at 810 miles :frowning:
Hope it’s not a big deal!

Ciao SLUG !!

Hope you took lots of pictures… !! Waiting to see them !

Waiting for my girlfriend to pass me the pics… anyway not so many actually :blush:
We arrived there in the evening so not so much light and yesterday morning it was rainy and windy so when we saw that in London the weather was nice we decided to get home as quick as we could (fair amount of coffee breaks obviously, that will be never jeopardized :D)

added a few pics

Looks nice… I Used to study in Wales…

Need to go see it on 2 wheels.

Definitely! All the way up to Abergavenny and in & around Breacon Beacons national park there are spectacular roads!
I wonder where the guys go exactly for their North Wales long weekend out :Wow:

The clue is in the ‘North’ Wales bit :smiley:

Looking good dude, some terrific roads around there!