thanks all, yeah its crazy to think that he got away with all the crap. he is a complete power hungry bully, even after all the harrassment via email, phone and letters and the time he assulted both me and my partner there was insufficient evidence to charge him. He really picked the wrong guy to **** with, my guy is not the type to let wankers get away with ****.

Yes our barrister reckons we will do okay out of this situation :-), its worth sticking it out to get what my partner is legally due.

Thats what happens when somebody dies, all the knives come out and people do anything they can to get away with greed.

Moral of the story is don’t mess with Westy :smiley:

Cos he’s a proper hard bastard :w00t:

Nice one mate!

Proof indeed that your guy is the hardest there is. :wink:

Good on ya mate, don’t let the barsterds frighten you with lawyers…
Lawyers are about as valuable as the sh!t left in the tread o your trainers that the average stick won’t shift… the smelly crap that just hangs around embarassingly…
Sorry you went through hell, but well done for enduring under rubbish legal shite brought about by a greedy knacker

yes good on you for standing your ground

if the lawyers wrong he knows it but he will have a go anyway cuz he is on fee

i have seen some of them get a good smacking by judges , richly deserved, due to the bull they have been known to utter

Well our lawyer and Barrister are excellent, his are i dont personally think as good, mainly due to the fact this dick doesnt disclose all the facts, which of course come as a suprise to the lawyer when case is presented.

Good on you for standing your ground. Glad the resolution has gone your way and now you get to screw the silly boy for a fair reparation!