Well some of you may remember how about 18 months ago me and my partner had issues with a guy that co -owns the building we live in, well today the court ruled in our favour and this c0ckface had to pay our costs and his own, and his case was told not viable. Thats what bullies get when the persue a fruitless case and try and throw people out of their own homes.

now he has to either mediate with our solicitors over a settlement or we go back to court in september for the judge to decide about the property split and shares etc. :slight_smile:

Today is a good day, and to think ive got a euromillions ticket for tonight!

Result! - well done! :smiley:

Very good, I’m happy for you!


nice one

I having severe problems with my neighbour who is also freeholder…I hope I get the same result

When you win the Euromillions, I’d like a Ducati please :wink:

lol, good luck with the Szymon! :slight_smile:

Great news, what a relief this must be for you two!!

such a reluief, now its a case of we know what our property rights are, and he can go **** himself. He thinks he is such a clever person, he has really shot himself in the foot

Great news. Pah can’t get this to embed but here is the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3EeBFE44MU

Good news Matt, well done :slight_smile:

Here ya go… just need to remove the ‘s’ from https

Good to hear about **** people getting what they deserve by the courts for once :slight_smile:

Top stuff. Hope that’s the end of hassle you get from them.

Good news at last,does this mean all the crap will stop???

good on ya for standing up to the bully

Great news Matt, glad it’s worked out.

On another note, how inappropriate is that song choice “digging out chicks” etc? This is more in keeping…


Fcuk yeah!!!

Good work lad! Must have been bloody stressful… I bloody hate those tossers that cause trouble and put you through a load of nonsense even when it’s clear that they are in the wrong.

Congrats :slight_smile:

Great news, I remember you telling us in Wales what he was doing and I couldn’t believe anyone would have the nerve to try it on like that. Tell your brief to take the bastard to the cleaners.