Just a few questions...

I’m wondering what the best touch up paint would be to get rid of some damage from my old key chain on my top yoke? I was thinking of getting a carbon fibre top yoke cover… Humm…

Also over the years when I’ve wanted to adjust my biting point on my clutch I’ve used the ‘‘tightening/adjust wheel’’ besides the clutch. I’m near the maximum turn cycle soon so would I have to take my bike to the garage to ‘‘reset’’ it so I can continue the use it again?

Thanks in advance.

smooth hammerite, or small fast bike sticker,

might need new cable, can do it your self, but might wont to do it with some one with the know, see who lives near you. good luck:D

Go to the guys at RS paints:


Spot on, matched to my Bandit perfectly on everything I’ve needed.

you can adjust the clutch cable where it goes into the engine, just follow the cable down (you’ll probably need to take the faring off)

for the paint, find a nice sticker you like?
or you can try hamerite, but it wont match exactly

Yammy R6, I have the same mark, off my rubber alarm fob! Very annoying although mines just started to show.

You can adjust cable, above where your right foot sits.

My bike (+cable) has done over 22k miles and has plenty of adjustmnet yet. Just needs a fiddle by someone willing/competant.

Where do you live?

Thanks for the replys guys. I live in the Clapham Area Lewis.