Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster

this is what Judge Dredd’s bike aka the Lawmaster will look in the new film due to hit cinemas in 2012



You’re joking! That looks rubbish!



f**king hell that looks like a scooter crossed with a tractor haha

it should be called the lawnmaster :stuck_out_tongue:

That is one ******* ugly monstrosity. :sick:

dont look in the mirror then Kev :D:D:D:D

I can’t see the pic … :frowning:

probably a good thing! MY EYES! MY EYES!!:w00t:

HAHAHAHA so true. I actually think a lawnmover would look better :stuck_out_tongue:

apparently its based on a GSXR1000!! :w00t:

haha yeahi guess so

Don’t care what the bike looks like, as long as Judge Anderson is in it…


Rumours to be played by Megan Fox…

Your VERY happy then! :smiley:

Who is playing Dredd?

Karl Urban is Dredd… and the helmet **wont! ** come off



Was Dredd’s bike designed by Pierre Terblanche? :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s one ugly bike :pinch:

No Stevie Wonder.

probably a stupid question but what would be so wrong with the idea of looking at the original and INCREDIBLY successful and popular cartoon and trying to get the bike to look a little more accurate to the pictrues rather than like some genetically mutated mobile dildo

No one changed the batman costume, the batmobile, the superman costume… then again, they’re both costumes where the superhero wears his pant outside his trousers… maybe British superheroes just aren’t camp enought for American audience appreciation…?

a,hem :wink: