Journo's name ?

Chatting with a guy at work today about a motorcycle program that used to be on men and motors.

It was presented by Warren Pole, some blonde girl and a short chubby guy.

It had a light hearted approach very much like Top Gear.

What I need to know is the chubby guys name, all I can remember is that he works freelance for some of the well known mags and if I remember correctly he had a nasty accident a couple of years back.

Sorry its a bit vague but its killing me trying to remember his name.

That isn’t that Berry fella is it… the one that’s now making Londonbikers lives hell by purportedly representing us, whilst only making us look like fools…?

Steve Berry…?

I know he did a stint at top gear, then went on to do bike related TV things… I may have the wrong one entirely though…

not steve berry, the northern fellow, cant remember his anme but the show was bikes aloud.

Since it’s Bikes Aloud… it is John Henry Cantlie.



chris moss write’s for superbike mag quite a lot.

Don`t get Men and Motors anymore, as they pulled it off freeview.

Yeah i think it was Louise Brady and John Cantile who used to work for Bike Magazine IIRC and Chris Moss:cool:

Chris Moss, that’s the guy.