was walking past a mental institute and they were all shouting 13 13 13 13. to see what was going on i founD a fence with a hole and peered through. someone poked me in the eye and they all started shouting 14 14 14 14 :smiley:

:Dthats a good one

Guy driving past a mental asylum when a wheel comes off his car, hes standing by the main gate trying to figure out what to do when an inmate at the gate shouts over “take 1 nut off each wheel and use them to bolt the runaway wheel back on with” Impressed the car owner tells the inmate hes very clever, the inmate replies "they put in me here for being insane not for being STUPID!

Ha ha. Superb. I’d be 15, 15, 15! :smiley:

don’t get it!


Like it :laugh:

in other words, anyone would figure that out unless they were stupid:w00t:

:smiley: 16 16 16 16 16