Jobs ????

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You have hit the nail smack bang on the head !! Just imagine that shop / cafe in an American diner style with loads of bikes from retros to nutty sportsbikes all for sale by decent , knowledgable staff and an excellent workshop run by " sensible " people with advice on tap . And to top it all , all those "non riders " who are yet to find the joys of two wheels could take advantage of a qualified instructor to get them through their test from start to finish !!!

Sounds amazing eh ???

SHOULD be achievable

yeeaaa…sounds what i got in mind…awsome…!!!

the workshop would also be like a dentist surgery were the customer feels like his/her bike is being serviced by a formula 1 pit crew with veiwing area…hell the cafe area could be right accross from the tech area so you could have ya pie and mash while watching yourbike being done!!.

there could be numbers printed on the receipts and every month…one number would be selected at random prior to that month and if you get that recipt with that specific number,you’d win a prize…just think…you walk into the bike shop…buy a pair of gloves or spark plugs…then bam…the the guy behind the counter gives you a prize of maybee somthing big like a set of heated grips or somthing like that…

i have some great ideas for advitising too…

ohhh its all highley do’able but its having the balls i guess…

do it smiled do it.

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Now thats the sh1t I’m talkin’ about !!!

Let’s get going !!

try steve at rex judds,worth a chat,02089526911

SOunds good … I love this stuff!!!

great…cheers mate…thanks for the number…i will have a chinwag…asap…!!!

god…its such a good gamble…!!!..feel good factor of 10 on this one…!!!

i can almost picture it now!!!


Just think of us lot coming down and making use of your place! Now i’m thinking of it don’t know if thats a good thing or bad thing for your cafe come bike shop HAHA

But you should do it Mate we only get one life, so go for it!!!

Going to ad my two pennies worth. My original mechanic closed down this January, he had lots of services, MOTs etc but very little business in terms of sales, bikes and gear. Speaking with my current mechanic, he told me 45 or was it 46 bike places closed this year. They are very busy repairs, MOTs, services etc. Lots of people taking their business to the all shiny and poshed up corporate places and not much going in sales.

nice one andrea…thanks luv…

somthing to think about…


Think this is a great idea…a sorta Ace Cafe but with place to buy and get your bike repaired, serviced whatever at same time…just think, u need new tyres say, go to “your” place, knowing your gonna see other bikers we know already from Ace,Cubana,rideouts etc…get your tyres done, while your sitting chatting, drinking,eating…or you can amble around looking at other bikes, maybe with one in mind to buy, or biking needs to buy while your there…hang out for a while once your bikes ready and youve bought what you want or what caught your eye…then ride home…bliss !!! And a place i would certainly use again and again…

And open on a sunday ffs try getting help with something on a sunday like a puncture