Jobs you hate doing but have to be done

Thought I’d post this to see what else people hate.

So the wife started decorating the kids bedroom and I had to take over and finish it.

Now I cannot stand decorating literally I’d rather flip burgers at McDonald’s than decorate…

So what jobs do you have to do that makes you want to be anywhere else doing anything else?

Anything that involves weed… I mean weeds (from the garden)… pet hate !

Fixing a door handle that my flatmates son broke by hanging off and just left it there. I don’t mind the practical fixing but the principle that things are just left damaged does my head in.

Anything that involves moving off the sofa with the exception of cleaning the bike :smiley:

I used to be a carpenter and metal worker, so get asked to do quite a lot, and its all shite. fucking hate anything domestic, ( with the exception of hanging doors, could do that all day long) rather pay someone else to do it, particularly anything to do with plumbing, no matter how minor, fecking HATE it!!! its making my piss boil just thinking about it.

I hate washing up & drying up

& its my job to clear up behind the Dog lol

Hanging wallpaper and prepping for painting (don’t mind the actual painting but the stripping, masking etc I find incredibly frustrating)

I love stripping

God help us! :sick:

I hate changing my tax disc over from my anti theft holder…last two I havent bothered…They stayed in my wallet

Sharpening chisels and plane blades.
I do it properly- they need to be sharp but it seems to be about 30% of my time at the moment.

But the joy of a well sharpened chisel…


I’ve never cut myself with a sharp chisel, only a blunt one.

used to love that, a big job would leave the shop and you would have a day to sort the shop out and make sure your tools were sharp, used to take about a day a month to keep them in tip top shape.

I loves harping my plane blades and chisels
It annal because I haven’t been on the tools for 20 years

wiping my arse…such a chore :angry:

I used to like shaving the back of my hand with my chisels once done, don`t miss being on the tools one bit though.

In that camp too…

I hate any from of applying coatings to things . I paint nothing ,if something is to be painted before it leaves my workshop I get an apprentice to do it … or it goes out as it is .

Washing my bikes :smiley: