Jetstream Has arrived ! eaten drunk beer & gone

Jetstream arrived safe & well at Pension williams last night & set off for the land of chocolate this morning, the sun is shining so all is well with the world.

We have a special offers for group weekends in October beer food & bed all at great prices email for details

[email protected]

great news,:smiley:

hope the weather keep shining for you:D

stay safe

hope he had a good trip, myself and gaz will be back for 3 days next year, we hope to bring 3 more with us, we are planning dates so will be in contact over the next month.

Hope u are both well!

Spoke to them this morning, they were in Titisee and looking forward to they venture into Switzerland, destination Interlaken, enjoy and stay safe guys:)

:smiley: I like the thread title- makes it sound like a very quick stop! Happy holidays JS.

hope you’re having a good trip guys! :smiley: