Jet wash in West London


I just moved to shepherds bush and was wondering if there was a Jet wash nearby?



there is a total petrol station just before the corner of The Vale and Askew Rd (heading into Central London) that has a jetwash.

It is by time not program which i prefer! :wink:

You signed up to ask that? You won’t leave Shephard Bush to find a jet wash? :w00t:
Goto every petrol station in your area and have a look.

Panagoitis - thanks for the tip. Ill check it out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Subfocus - I could have ridden around the area for an hour or so on to find a station that has a jet wash, or just signed up in 3 minutes and make that post. I live in london and ride a bike so i didn’t think it would hurt to sign up and be a member.

Thanks for your concern

Also, there’s a Harvest Energy garage on Goldhawk road, just past Hammersmith Grove & Majestic Wine on the right. That has a jet wash.

Bough my own power washer. No need to go somewhere and I can do the bike as well as the patio, fencing, house windows, front door, dustbins etc etc and its a real boys toy :smiley: