Jerez Second Pratice

please God let Lorenzo and Rossi maintain similar times all weekend and fight it out at every corner, including the very last

if Rossi wins, he MUST get his mates to create a customs booth and stamp his passport with a Lorenzoland sticker! :smiley:


quali starts in 10mins, cumon!
sounds like you’re all at bikesafe or in bed with hangovers :smiley:

Rossi has no top speed worries 'round there.

Bradders is on 125 Pole :smiley:

I just watched that, 1/2 second quicker than the chasing pack, go go Bradley!! :smiley:

Did you see Colin Edwards lose his front end and pick the bike up with his ELBOW?

Fuggin Amazing:D:D:D

Love the way he waved to the crowd as if to say “Did you like that?”:smiley:

Thats a showman for ya:)

oh f8ck me, tell me you guys saw edwards save the bike on his ELBOW!!! :D:D:D:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::D:D:D:D

3 Brits in the Top 10 for 125’s… go Fellas:)

1 38 Bradley SMITH GBR Polaris World APRILIA 1’47.587 11 13 217.7

2 18 Nicolas TEROL SPA Jack & Jones WRB APRILIA 1’48.041 14 14 0.454 0.454 213.8

3 17 Stefan BRADL GER Grizzly Gas Kiefer Racing APRILIA 1’48.070 11 13 0.483 0.029 219.9

4 1 Gabor TALMACSI HUN Bancaja Aspar Team APRILIA 1’48.113 10 11 0.526 0.043 214.8

5 24 Simone CORSI ITA Jack & Jones WRB APRILIA 1’48.128 14 15 0.541 0.015 211.0

6 51 Stevie BONSEY USA Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 1’48.146 14 14 0.559 0.018 212.2

7 63 Mike DI MEGLIO FRA Ajo Motorsport DERBI 1’48.165 11 13 0.578 0.019 217.1

8 45 Scott REDDING GBR Blusens Aprilia Junior APRILIA 1’48.315 12 12 0.728 0.150 211.4

9 99 Danny WEBB GBR Degraaf Grand Prix APRILIA 1’48.333 11 15 0.746 0.018 211.5

10 35 Raffaele DE ROSA ITA Onde 2000 KTM KTM 1’48.345 11 16 0.758 0.012 213.0

what a brilliant qualifying session :D, and a brit on pole in 125 cant get much better
Toseland did amazing considering he is ill

Well Gorgeous George has set a blistering pace for qualifying:w00t:

Stoner’s in the wilderness


Fiat Yamaha seem to have had TWO busted engines today:doze:

It’s gonna be nothing if not dramatic tomorrow:D

I fear he will be refused a visa.

Jorge likes to be the only gay in the village.

Lorenzo was on fire today :w00t:
tomorrow is going to be very very interesting, hope fiat yam sort out the engine reliability

Edwards = even more of a racing God than before for that save; especially the way he virtually immediately waved to the fans, pure class :smiley:

So Bradley on pole for the second time in 2 races, just hope his bike holds together this time for him to win.

Edwards has just gone to the top of my hero list with THAT save, holly crap it was amazing, and yes to then see him play to the crowd what a guy, for that alone i hope he finishes on the podium.

Can’t see anyone catching Gorgeous George, he was on fire in qualifying. Personally i wish something nice would happen to Melandri, what on earth is going on with his head, not able to ride the Ducati and qualifying last by quite some way. He’s a top rider, come on Marco…

Enjoy the skill…