James Toseland Interview..

Right Guys and Gals…

Next Thursday 25th May, I have got an interview with WSB Winston Ten Kate rider James Toseland, and I would like to know if there are any questions that you ‘The LB Members’ would like to ask him?

These would be included in the final interview/article for the site, I will also put your name with the question. LB are also going to Siverstone for the weekend to cover the weekends racing and bring you the latestpictures.

You wouldn’t believe how excited I am, my dreams are finally coming true. In 2003/04, I did an evening course at the Birbeck in journalism, with the dream of one day writing for the bike magazine’s… Well there’s nothing like being thrown in at the deep and and being offered the chance the practically run the editorial side of LB. I’m Loving it… There’s nothing more satisfying (than sex obviously) than seeing all my hard work and effort pay off…

Thanks for your help people…

Sounds like a jolly under the guise of journalism !

Only teasing, Looking forward to reading your work Foxy.

I like it… Thanks Gareth… Sorry to hear about your high-side dude…

yea…advise on getting your knee down …and any lucky charms/weird routines before a race?

smiled…good luck foxy!!!

Given the physical rigours of racing at this level, I would like to know if and how he maintains his physique, diet and the like? Ie fry up or rabbit food for breakfast.

I thoroughly enjoyed the safety/riding advice DVD Street/Track/Openroad that he was part of recently and would ask him if he intends to work on anymore similiar programs, or try something different like ‘The Long Way Round’ ?

Top work Tash, only a smidge jealous.

Ooh Foxy I am reather jealous. Mr Toseland is a bit of a dish (bar Chuffster) so make sure you flutter those lashes!

Yeah Fox…give him my number and ask him to bell me next time Im out with that Ravina…I,ll impress the socks off her !!!

I would ask him if he still riding or ever rode a bike on the roads like us? And if he does? does he get the buss out of it? As he’s used to the race emotions.

How does it feel to get paid to do something he loves? (i’d ride for free, aslong as they provided the bikes)

Can you ask him his thoughts on Hondas decision not to allow his team to run traction control and does he think that this is fair as there are other teams running it?

I hope you enjoy the interview as well. You could ask him to do a gig for LB as well. His band are quite good.

Give him a london bikers sticker for his lid/bike!!

good luck with the interview have a really good time. have you got freebees for the racing ???

Hi Foxy

Congrats on getting that interview, somebody is obviously taking Londonbikers.com seriously in the media!

How about “James, as one of the most talented young riders to come from the UK I would love to see you competing in GP’s. Did you ever consider taking the 125/250 route in MotoGP?”

As you probably know James went from CB500’s to supersport to superbikes and then into WSB where obviously he eventually won the championship but I do wonder if he was ever offered the chance to go into 125’s/250’s. Casey Stoner competed in British 125’s back in 2001 and this helped him then begin the break into the GP series.

Anyhow, hope it goes well


Nice work tash!! buzzing

Id be well happy if you came to interview me!!

Id be thinking thank fuging god its not some nerdy muppet

come to ask me some coma inducing questions…

Ask him if the mechanic’s ever throw him a dirty look when he comes back on the tow truck with the bike in 20 bits!

Nice one Tash!!

actually i cant remember if it is him and i dont have a copy to hand - but have a look at the new cosmopolitan’s centrefolds…

if we could all borrow 20 quid?

sure he’s gotta be minted

I originally got in touch with the team and asked them if they would like to donate some signed merchendise for one of the competitions on LB. They said the’d love to and asked if I was going to WSB to pick the stuff up. We have got Press passes for the weekend, it’s very exciting and I can’t wait…

Is he a hooligan on road or does he ride at normal speed limits.

you dont have to ask this next question for LB’S Sake but does his team or any people in the paddock take the mick out of his surname.

On the DVD referenced in a previous post, James said that in 15 years of riding bikes, he’s never purposely gone out to ‘get his knee down’ on the road. Repec! Saves it for a day at the office.

Please pass on my message ‘loving your work mate, you lucky so and so’

On a more serious note, if I met James, I’d ask him is he gets the jitters when the back trye slides about a bit under massive decelleration and downshifting i.e. before giving it large round a sharp corner on the track.

Good luck in the interview Foxy, you’ll be fine. Think he’s a nice bloke so he shouldn’t be too hard on ya